The solid strategies you need to make your dreams a profitable reality.

Career is what you do to make money — Vocation is the calling you follow because it’s already in you. 

Monetize your calling in a BIG way!

Money, Marketing, Mind-Set, Method

These are the 4 ingredients of entrepreneurial success. There’s a secret sauce missing from that recipe however…it’s your soul plan! Capitalize on your strengths, prepare for challenges and allow your unique astrological energies to skyrocket you to success.

“Millionnaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do”  J.P. Morgan

This intuitive Business Coaching includes the important 4 M’s, but comes with something truly special and unique!

My signature “Time Master of the Ring” Business Astrology Assessment gives you the competitive edge in your business. It allows you to seize opportunity, make optimal timing decisions, confidently forecast trends and effectively build your teams.

Learn how to monetize your calling. Get your map and unlock the Secret to your success!

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What Client’s Say

Paula’s background knowledge has given her the tools to mentor and help us find a path through our daily relationship and career struggles. Thanks to Paula, I have found a direction to move forward with as well as a new found inner strength that I needed to reconnect with. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.
Robin Nisbet
Paula has the wisdom, common sense and clairvoyant intuition to help you blast through obstacles in life. She had a tool for every problem I threw at her, and she shared so many of her resources. I saw how my limiting beliefs held me back and I learned the methods needed to move forward and launch a profitable business.
R.J. Schwager
Paula has the unique gift of really listening. She asks the right questions so you find your own answers within yourself. She gave me the guidance to believe and trust in myself. I recommend working with Paula 100%. I found the strength, peace, clarity, direction, encouragement and hope needed to live a happy life. Allow her to do the same for you.
Diane Deschamps
Paula is the angel that came to my aid and completed the task that I could not do, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. She was able to capture the essence of why I create art and what inspires me. I was able to launch my site and confidently begin my business. Paula is so easy to talk to. She is inspiring, and incredibly intuitive.
Kristen Neudorf
The work I have done with Paula is by far the most transformational work I have done! I would say the hugest payoff has been my new found true, genuine love of self. It is hard for me to articulate how profound and life altering this continues to be for me. Life is becoming more manageable and exciting every day. Paula’s energy is contagious and her work is cutting edge. She is the best of the best.
Ann McLeod
I have just begun working with Paula, and am excited about the next 6 months of counselling and building my business! I have found Paula to be genuine and caring and already I have had a major shift in my perception. And this is only the beginning! If you are unsure what the next step is, or help with focusing on goals Paula is the person to see!
Brenda Lanigan
I have been blessed with the presence of Paula in my life. I feel deep gratitude for being able to call her friend and business coach. With Paula’s guidance, support (yes, she is my biggest cheerleader!) and her unique coaching style…after 25 years of all talk no action, I have successfully opened my studio shop this year!
Tina Vincent, Found by T
I am so grateful to have chatted with Paula, a couple of weeks ago. She was so easy to talk to; I felt comfortable right away. Paula informed me of the phenomenon called “Saturn Return”, which I had never heard of, but matched a series of events that occurred in my life a few years ago. Deep down I had always known those events were inevitable and even necessary, for my life’s journey. However; having someone I had only known a few minutes express this gave me such validation. Thank you so much, Paula, for the aligned work that you do.
Diana Emily Reyes