Feel Stuck?

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If frustration in your business or relationships is your current reality…

and you can’t seem to alleviate your frustration, I know how you feel. You feel stuck…like the proverbial caterpillar crawling around in situations which keep you small, robbing you of your joy for life. Pain around relationships, career, or a lack of meaning in your life is becoming hard to ignore. That’s your signal…a new life is possible, but a metamorphosis is required.

If staying small is no longer an option for you, together we’ll do what it takes so you leave the caterpillar behind and evolve into your own version of a butterfly. Better relationships with others, better business choices, better life choices…the sky is the limit.

Creating change in one’s own life is difficult!

As one of my mentors, Bill Baron so aptly wrote….”Even though self-help books are the biggest selling category of books, and the internet is awash in free information, real change takes more than information. In North America, 1/3 of people are obese, 1/3 of people have diabetes and the divorce rate is 50%. Surveys say that 70% of people aren’t happy in their work and 80% of new businesses fail in the first year. Clearly, information isn’t enough. Creating real and lasting change in life is difficult to accomplish and takes more than free or cheap information.”

So what’s needed to make real and lasting change possible?

You need to uncover the real reason you are stuck so you can FINALLY move forward on your journey!

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a small taste of Client Feedback

The work I have done with Paula is by far the most transformational work I have done… and I have done a lot of work! I would say the hugest payoff has been my new found true, genuine love of self. It is hard for me to articulate how profound and life altering this continues to be for me. Life is becoming more manageable and exciting every day. Paula’s energy is contagious and her work is cutting edge. She is the best of the best.
Ann Mcleod
Paula is the angel that came to my aid and completed the task that I could not do, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. She was able to capture the essence of why I create art and what inspires me. Paula and I sat and talked, and she asked me all of the right questions. She is so easy to talk to; she is welcoming, kind, understanding, inspiring, and incredibly intuitive.
Kristen Neudorf, Kristen Neudorf Fine Art
Paula’s background knowledge has given her the tools to mentor and help us find a path through our daily relationship and career struggles. Thanks to Paula, I have found a direction to move forward with as well as a new found inner strength that I needed to reconnect with. It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs some help in their life.
Robin Nisbet, Robin Nisbet
Paula helped me wade through the unrealistic societal definitions of the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect family. Her own enlightenment brought me to the core of me; to what the perfect definitions are for me. With Paula’s guidance and support (yes, she is my biggest cheerleader!) after 25 years of all talk no action, I have successfully opened my studio shop this year!
Tina Vincent, found by t
I have just begun working with Paula, and am excited about the next 6 months of counselling and building my business! I have found Paula to be genuine and caring and already I have had a major shift in my perception. And this is only the beginning! If you are unsure what the next step is, or help with focusing on goals Paula is the person to see!
Brenda Lanigan, Essence of You

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I believe in empowering others to evolve into their own version of a beautiful butterfly. To courageously live their own purpose, to experience soul level relationships, to enjoy unlimited abundance, to transform and live the kind of joy filled life which is not only possible, but guided by a higher principle of free will and love.

If you also believe this version of life is possible, Welcome…It’s time you lived life on your terms!

Blue banner with white lettering which says Live life on your terms. No matter how you are feeling now...you will evolve into something new and better if you consciously allow it.

You Only Have to Change One Thing to Change Everything!