Work with me

Together, we'll create a new story for your life

Here's what it looks like when we work together

Step 1

Get Acquainted Call (15 minutes)

You tell me your dream goal. The one that would make the story of your life amazing. Then you tell me what keeps you from reaching your goal. If we determine we’re a good fit to continue, we move to step 2.

Step 2


You answer a short, but vitally important, fillable questionnaire. This sets us up beautifully for our 1 hour Chaos to Clarity session. (fyi: this needs to be in my inbox at least 24 hours before we meet.)

Step 3

Chaos to Clarity

1 hour free session (office or Skype). You dish on your current story. Together we outline a new story for your life. If we’re both crazy about the idea of working together, we choose the best program for you.

Book a Get Acquainted Call

I bet you're wondering...

How long is this flick?

It’s up to you. This can be the length of a trailer or an epic flick. We start small with opportunities and progress. When and if you’re ready for more, we do what it takes to create a new story. One thing for sure; there will be mindset shifts, real life strategies, hand holding and commitment.

What's the price of admission?

Fees are in-line with those of other professionals. If you’re wavering, ask yourself – where will I be next year at this time if I don’t take action now? Answer – the same place! There are payment plans and specials. Talk to me – if you’re serious about your life rewrite, we’ll work something out.

A few more things to consider

Who You Are

Someone who is consciously evolving. You know life can be meaningful and purpose driven. You want great relationships and work that feeds your soul and your bank account.

What I don't do

Live your life story. You are the star. I’m up for Best Supporting role. I don’t do your work. We set the plot – the step by step process and you take the action. I don’t leave you high and dry. I’m there to help move the story along.

What's required from you?

Commitment. Dreams only work when you work. I need you to be open to new ideas. This will shift your perspective and shift your life. I need you to be in this for the long haul. A good plot is intricate and changes you at a soul level.

Now what? Take ACTION

Personal Coaching not for you? Book a call and we’ll discuss other ways I can help you discover your Life Purpose.

Results from a few coaching clients