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November 16 to 19, 2017

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Clear the chaos, create the clarity, manifest total abundance

You’ve got the house, the car, “the life”…but does it fulfill your soul?

Ways to fill the soul...


A lot of you tell me you know you should meditate, but you can’t find the time. Holy ironic Batman!

This stuff isn’t hard. I can help you ‘Bliss out’ by providing Meditation instruction and breathing practice instruction

I’ll also teach you a little about an awesome thing called Brain Wave entrainment. (You’ll be meditating like a Yogi in no time)

Why master meditation? To reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, become a much nicer parent, spouse, friend, citizen of the World.

Now who doesn’t have time for this??


Hand drawn Meditating Zen figure sitting in lotus position.

Black and white photo with a couple hugging. The work Relationships runs across the page.


Relationships are a mirror. They are our greatest teachers and our greatest opportunity for growth. They can also be difficult.

These are the questions I hear most often from people with relationship concerns.  Does our relationship have long-term potential? How can we help each other grow? How can I stop controlling outcomes?

It is possible to light the way to a deeper understanding of yourself and the relationships you have in your life. I can guide you as you gain clarity and learn to develop amazing relationships with …

The Self, Significant Others, Children, Co-workers, Friends

Personal Coaching

When you want targeted, personal help to set and reach your goals, personal coaching is the fastest and best way to get the results you want.

If you are ready for real change in your life, I’ll provide holistic guidance and support for you every step of the way. This is cutting edge coaching. I use a combination of spiritual and grounded principles and time tested tools to ensure you are successful.

The reason coaching is so successful is accountability. I will check in to ensure you are putting things in to practice. You’ll also have access to me when you need it – not just at appointment time! I’ll be your guide, cheerleader and coach. Link here to see how to get started.

5 figures are jumping up with a setting sun backdrop. They are reflected in the water. The word Coaching is across the page.

3 pictures on page. The first is meditating woman and the text reads Goddess readings. The second is a couple and the text reads Tarot. The third is a child and the text reads Astrology. These are readings for life.

Readings for Life

Goddess readings. This is some super charged wisdom coming down from the intuitive realms. If you have a nagging question; you – me – and the Goddesses – will put our hearts, souls and heads together to find the solution.

Osho Zen Tarot readings. These are incredible! The cards are upbeat and positive. They deal with your life today and give you insightful and wise information so you find peace and make sense of the craziness.

Professional Astrology Reports. Astrology is a window from the material world into the spiritual. It allows anyone to gain greater self-knowledge. Give yourself the edge you need to successfully navigate these times ahead. Ask me about these various reports…Personal Birth Chart and HoroscopeRelationship ReadingBody and Soul Medical Astrology Report.  Child Development Report

Goddess Alchemy

Is your heart longing for more soul? Goddess Alchemy Altars can help you. Build your own home altar and bring peace to life. It’s fun! It brings focus to your ‘chillin’ practice and you’ll learn cool stuff about all things other-wordly.

I source most of my Goddess accoutrements from small suppliers. A lot of it is organic and comes from Canada, the U.S. India or Japan.

Here’s just a small sampling

Ayurvedic Incense. 100 hour candles infused with magical intention. One of a kind finds for your personal oasis. Crystals, statuary, oils, journals, chakra balancing stones, pyramids and more

Click here for pics and more info

There is a picture of a woman sitting in front of a tree. Across the picture reads the text Goddess Alchemy.

Picture of a torso with healing hands across the head and sacral region. There is a lotus on the chest. The text reads energy work.

Energy Work

We are energetic beings. Energy moves through our chakras and our meridians. We send out energetic signals through the heart, the brain; even our skin. So what happens when there is a ‘short’ in the system? Or when things become overloaded? You feel anxious, depressed, tired. Why is that?

Energy can become blocked, and then the body experiences dis-ease.

You can fix that by learning a few easy to implement practices. You’ll learn to open the energetic flow and create a clear connection between your spirit and your body. One of the best ways to work with energy is to learn to protect yourself from ‘taking on’ the negative energy of others. That in itself will lift the weight off your shoulders.

Energy work can open the way to a totally abundant life. As if by magic!

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