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Paula is a powerhouse of wisdom and generous beyond measure. Be it career counselling, relationship advice or soul work, Paula Boylan more than delivers!

Annie Robb


Paula is a wonderful, caring person who is able to both inspire as well as guide you into making choices that are right for you and your life.

Robin Nisbet


Stress Relief

Power Hour

Join us for the Power Hour every Saturday morning at 10 a.m.  Learn techniques to manage your power. Guided meditation, breath work, mindfulness training and vibration work will give you tools to heighten your consciousness. Make the most of your life with the accumulated practice of these time tested approaches. There is a drop in fee of $10. Ask us about specials in conjunction with the offerings of The Vegan Hippie Chick.

195 East Main Street, Welland ON L3B 3W7 For more info call 289-820-6492

Passion to Profit

Rags to Riches

Are you a Heart Centred Entrepreneur? Are you ready to turn your side hustle into a full-time gig? If so, this series is a must for you. I’m sure you’re great at what you do – Reiki Master, Coach, Service Provider, Yoga Instructor … the list goes on. That’s your skill set and you rock at it! But guess what? You could be the best yoga instructor in the world, but if no one knows you exist, the rags to riches story will remain a story. Take charge of your power and learn what it takes to make an incredible income. Link here to learn more about this amazing learning opportunity. Only 15 spots available!


Energy Enhancers

Is your heart longing for more soul? Visit the shop at the Evolution Coach office and bring peace to life. You’ll find tools to help bring focus to your ‘chillin’ practice and you’ll learn cool stuff about all things other-wordly. I source most of my goods from small suppliers. A lot of it is organic and comes from Canada, the U.S. India or Japan. You’ll find Ayurvedic Incense, 100 hour candles infused with magical intention, one of a kind finds for your personal oasis, crystals, statuary, oils, journals, chakra balancing stones, pyramids and more Click here for pics and more info

Fearless Living

Personal Empowerment

When you want targeted, personal help to set and reach your goals, personal coaching is the fastest and best way to get the results you want. If you are ready for real change in your life, I’ll provide holistic guidance and support for you every step of the way. This is cutting edge coaching. I use a combination of spiritual and grounded principles and time tested tools to ensure you manage your power and create an amazing – evolved life. The reason coaching is so successful is accountability. I will check in to ensure you are putting things in to practice. You’ll also have access to me when you need it – not just at appointment time! I’ll be your guide, cheerleader and coach. Link here to see how to get started.

Kundalini Awakening


Awakening the Kundalini can result in spiritual enlightenment. Some of the gifts of enlightenment are improved health, wisdom, bliss, tranquility and even supernatural abilities. This represents humankind’s truest potential. Kundalini energy helps with evolution. It brings energy to the process required to cope with living at a higher level. It’s best to seek awakening when you are ready to undergo the discomfort which comes with living life true to that of a refined soul. It’s also best to work with someone such as myself who has had the experience. If you are seeking a sage teacher who can help with your kundalini awakening, contact me.



Relationships are a mirror. They are our greatest teachers and our greatest opportunity for growth. They can also be difficult. These are the questions I hear most often from people with relationship concerns. Does our relationship have long-term potential? How can we help each other grow? How can I stop controlling outcomes? It is possible to light the way to a deeper understanding of yourself and the relationships you have in your life. I can guide you as you gain clarity and learn to develop amazing relationships with … The Self, Significant Others, Children, Co-workers, Friends

Know Thyself


Goddess readings. This is some super charged wisdom coming down from the intuitive realms. If you have a nagging question; you – me – and the Goddesses – will put our hearts, souls and heads together to find the solution. Osho Zen Tarot readings. These are incredible! The cards are upbeat and positive. They deal with your life today and give you insightful and wise information so you find peace and make sense of the craziness. Professional Astrology Reports. Astrology is a window from the material world into the spiritual. It allows anyone to gain greater self-knowledge. Give yourself the edge you need to successfully navigate these times ahead. Ask me how I can impart wisdom.

Energy Work


We are energetic beings. Energy moves through our chakras and our meridians. We send out energetic signals through the heart, the brain; even our skin. So what happens when there is a ‘short’ in the system? Or when things become overloaded? You feel anxious, depressed, tired. Why is that? Energy can become blocked, and then the body experiences dis-ease. You can fix that by learning a few easy to implement practices. I’ll teach you to open the energetic flow and create a clear connection between your spirit and your body. Energy work can open the way to a totally abundant life. As if by magic! I am a registered Indian Head Massage practitioner. This is just one of many ways I can help you move energy in your body. Please contact me for more information


Time For You

Retreats and Workshops are special times for you to disengage from everyday life and take time out just for you. When you are depleted, you can’t give to another. The best thing you can do for yourself and the ones you love is to nurture the self. For thousands of years, sages have been telling us to Know Thyself. The work you do in both the workshops and the retreats will change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Link here for information on our 2017 4 day retreat. It was a resounding success and will be offered again in the Fall of 2018. Workshops of shorter length will happen throughout this coming year. Stay tuned!

I had the amazing luxury of attending the Goddess Alchemy Retreat in November, 2017. Words may not do justice to exactly how wonderful it was. I attended because my life had moments of incredible unsettling. Paula was able to use her remarkable knowledge, gifts and humour to allow me clarity. She was able to explain many teachings in a simple manner to all levels of understanding for her attendants. I have left the retreat feeling beyond excited for the future of what exactly THIS GODDESS is. I recommend Paula and all that she offers to any and all who are looking for anything life throws at you.
Paula you are an amazing woman, thank you for sharing you with me.

Danielle LaPierre

Stylist/Entrepreneur, Shear Nerve

Paula has a special system that really works! With so much noise out there its hard to distinguish between internal truths and external influences. Her process makes us work from the inside out, revealing buried truths that we are often unaware of. I have found clarity in a direction that makes so much sense to me now. Thanks to Paula, I’m birthing a new reality and a fresh new business approach!
Thanks a million Paula!

Robert Schwager

Entrepreneur, Ohmdrop

Choose how to use your life energy!

Get Your Life Energy Tips

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